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Who is Aquamar?

Aquamar is a value-added processor of surimi and other seafood products, with production facilities in Carteret, New Jersey, and Rancho Cucamonga, California.

What does Aquamar do?

Because Aquamar believes everyone deserves access to healthy, high-quality protein, our focus is on premium, ready-to-eat seafood solutions that are affordable and also convenient to prepare.

How long has Aquamar been in business?

Aquamar was founded in 1991, but its founders were instrumental in bringing the ancient culinary tradition of surimi to North American consumers a decade earlier.

How is Aquamar different than other seafood companies?

Other seafood companies are vertically integrated, and that puts their focus on fishing, then selling what they catch. Aquamar’s focus is on the consumer, which frees us up to devote our resources to bringing the best, most innovative seafood products to market—products that are supremely relevant to your customers (see more under “About Surimi” below).

How does Aquamar address sustainability?

As an active member of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)—the premier organization devoted to protecting the world’s oceans and sea life—Aquamar adheres to strict sustainability standards. When it comes to our sources and suppliers, we are committed to only doing business with good stewards of the ocean’s bounty.

What is Aquamar doing to promote diversity?

Aquamar employs over four hundred people and embraces a culture that champions Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). The Aquamar family comprises people from many races, ethnicities, religious affiliations, etc., all working together toward a vision of fairness, purpose, and fulfillment.

How does Aquamar support ESG? 

Mindfully embracing Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a core value of Aquamar in our business practices, approach to sustainability, and adherence to the highest ethical standards.

Why does surimi belong in my set?

Our proprietary research is unambiguous; today’s consumer is looking for ways to incorporate more high-quality protein—especially seafood—into their family’s diet. Aquamar surimi is an easy way to add delicious protein to a myriad of dishes, from omelets to salads and everything in between. To be sure, although surimi comes from a centuries-old culinary tradition, it couldn’t be more on-trend.

What type of fish is used to make Aquamar surimi?

Aquamar surimi is made from mild species of whitefish—primarily pollock and whiting—so its flavor profile appeals to a wide variety of palates. And speaking of flavor, the fish that go into Aquamar surimi are always wild-caught. Fish in the wild taste better because of a more diverse diet. And rest assured; they’re always harvested in an environmentally sustainable way.

What are consumer attitudes toward surimi?

In North America, surimi has a loyal and enthusiastic following among consumers who have experience with it. For consumers with Hispanic and Asian roots, surimi is a bona fide pantry staple. However, the broader public is less familiar with the term “surimi,” partly because it was initially introduced to American markets under the unfortunate moniker “imitation crab.” Nonetheless, as seafood lovers increasingly seek ways to enjoy more protein from seafood, surimi will offer an attractively affordable and convenient way to enter the RTE segment of the seafood category.

Does surimi have bones?

Aquamar surimi is completely deboned during processing. Residual bones can be a source of trepidation for seafood lovers, but Aquamar surimi has no bones about it—ever.

Does surimi have a risk of mercury?

Since it’s primarily made from pollock and whiting, which don’t tend to acquire mercury from their environment, your customers can enjoy Aquamar surimi without worrying about consuming dangerous levels of mercury or other neurotoxins.

Besides surimi, what else does Aquamar offer in the way of RTE seafood?

Recently, Aquamar launched an innovative new refrigerated line of Seafood Tenders. When we tested our ready-to-eat Tenders pre-launch, the concept scored remarkably well with consumers, with a combined 70% of respondents stating they definitely or probably would purchase Aquamar Seafood Tenders.

Is Aquamar innovation the way to get consumers to purchase more seafood?

Yes! Strategically speaking, Aquamar believes it’s the best way is to get more shoppers into the seafood department. Our company is committed to continually innovating the seafood space and introducing consumers to new ways to enjoy seafood.

How else can my seafood department team benefit from Aquamar Innovation?

Great question! We’re not innovating in a vacuum. Aquamar understands that, when it comes to seafood department success, a rising tide lifts all boats. So, we’ve developed a program to enhance seafood I.Q. on the part of department personnel called Aquasmart. Not limited to training associates on the virtues of Aquamar products alone, Aquasmart enables associates to better understand and overcome the factors that inhibit your customers from enjoying more seafood of any kind in the home. Increased interest in enjoying seafood at home will be better for our retail partners and, ultimately, for the Aquamar brand. 

How does Aquamar support its products in Retail?

Aquamar places a high priority on sell-through. As such, we’ve invested significantly in robust programs to generate consumer awareness, stimulate consideration, drive trial, and trigger repeat purchase. Consumer-facing ad campaigns, direct communication through our retail partners’ loyalty programs, on-pack and digitally distributed coupons offering deep discounts, and colorful, impactful visual merchandising are just a few of the arrows in our marketing support quiver.

How does Aquamar support its products in Foodservice?

Besides our commitment to supporting the consumer packaged goods portion of our portfolio, Aquamar is a key player in foodservice, both in retail and—via our network of distributors—with restaurateurs and independent operators. Besides retail packaging, much of what we offer is available in bulk format.

How does Aquamar support its products with Salad Makers?

Another of Aquamar’s core competencies is our expertise in value-added processing. Aquamar surimi is an essential component in salads from some of the leading producers of premium salads in North America.

How can I find out more about Aquamar and its products?

We’d love to share more about how Aquamar can help you capitalize on the growing interest in ready-to-eat protein in ways specific to your business. We have some exciting new lines that are poised to significantly disrupt the category. Click on the contact link and email us, or call us directly at (732) 855-9500 to learn more about the future of value-added seafood.

How can I arrange for a cutting?

We know they perform well, so we’re always eager for our retail partners to experience our extraordinary products. Email us, or call (732) 855-9500 to schedule a cutting at your earliest convenience.