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U.S. and Canadian
Customers love Aquamar

If you’re looking for a versatile, healthy option to offer your customers, the answer is Aquamar seafood. We offer a number of different products to tempt consumers and customers and keep them coming back for more.
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U.S. and Canada Retail

Aquamar supports sell-through in retail channels with superior branding and compelling promotions calculated to drive purchase intent.
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U.S. and Canada Value-
Added Processors

Aquamar understands the challenges facing value-added processors of seafood and pasta salads, and can tailor a program around our processor-partners’ manufacturing requirements. We’re experienced at understanding your business model and supporting your unique seafood protein needs.
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U.S. and Canada Asian Foodservice

Aquamar offers a full complement of products tailored for the Asian Foodservice market, including the best quality shred format for use in California roll and traditional stick format sized and produced to support sushi and other applications.

Kanimi Seafarer products come in larger packs – family sizes

The best surimi products – the best partnership

New Products Image US and Canada Market

New Products

Our culinary and research teams are constantly looking at shopper demographics, emerging tastes and dining trends to deliver new products that U.S. and Canadian customers will love. New sizes. New flavors. New formats. We’re always looking for fresh ways to help you drive sales.

SKU versatility US and Canada Market

SKU versatility

You know your customer. That’s why we offer multiple brands, styles, and packaging sizes – at different price points – to meet every customer’s needs. For both the U.S. and Canada. Rest assured, no matter what product line your customers are looking for, with Aquamar they’re always getting real fish.

True Partnership US and Canada Market

True partnership

Our decades of surimi experience enable us to help you choose the right products for your category. We know the U.S. market, we know surimi and other value-added seafood and we’ll work with you on an individual basis to bring a delicious surimi program to your store.

Why Shoppers Choose Aquamar Surimi


Fully cooked and ready-to-eat, Aquamar Surimi is easy to use in a wide variety of snacks and recipes.


Simply put, Aquamar Surimi is premium surimi that’s utterly delicious with a palate-pleasing texture.


Aquamar Surimi is a fat free, low cholesterol source of protein.


None. Ever. Aquamar Surimi contains no preservatives and no added MSG.


Tasty surimi is a more affordable option to traditional seafood in just about any recipe.

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